Video services for events

Events come in many shapes and sizes, that's why our services can be tailered to your needs. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Multicamera recording

Keynotes are more than just slides. We understand it's important to show the bigger picture. The presenter(s), the stage, the audience and interaction. We capture it all! (read more)

Pop-up studio

Our pop-up studio is the ideal solution for that extra bit of content-creation. Perfect on a trade-show floor, but works just as well in a regular office. The studio can be built anywhere! (read more)

Live streaming

Reach a bigger audience by live streaming your content! (read more)

Event Videography

Aftermovies, highlight videos, testimonials, videos for social... Whatever videos you need, before, during or after your event! (read more)

Other services

We have many years of experience in online video. Have you ever thought of interactive video? Personalized video? Perfect for (but not limited to) events. The sky is the limit! (read more)