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Video Solutions for Events

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record / live stream

Bart at work captures your event.

Fast, and without breaking the bank!

One stage, up to four* angles, one camera operator.

Yes, that’s correct: we capture your entire event with remote-controlled cameras!
The video is edited live, so it’s ready almost straight away.
* three cameras plus a presenters screen


A small selection of talks and aftermovies,
recoded at different events in different parts of the world.

PhocusWire Studio


The Things Conference


Write the Docs



By using multiple camera angles, everything that happens on (and off) stage is covered.
Discrete and unobtrusive. And very budget friendly, because there are no extra camera operators!

Our solution is small, lightweight and travel-friendly.
No matter where in the world your event is, we can get there!

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A selection of events we have proudly worked with:

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