Creative Video Solutions



Video as we know it: short, simple, to the point. Great for social, mobile, marketing… You name it!
Just click play!


Don’t watch a video, engage with it! Annotations, calls to action or interactive storylines; the possibilities are endless.


Video tailored to every single viewer? Data-driven, personalized videos make content even more relevant for your audience.



From the stage to the cloud. Broadcast your event or keynotes live via the web or have them ready for playback on demand!

Hi, I’m Bart!

Video is my passion, curiosity my curse. Together they form the foundation of Bart at work.

I create video, my curiosity feeds my creativity and keeps pushing me to find new ways to do just that. Hence my unofficial motto:

The Same Video, Different.


It’s not easy to say what Bart at work is about exactly. Or what kind of videos are being made.

Take a peek behind the scenes to get an idea & browse my recent work while you’re there. Enjoy!