Single-person operation

We have developed a unique system for multicamera recordings. One of the most eye-catching features is that it enables one person to operate everything!

In times where it's key to reduce the amount of people on site, our solution ensures your event gets recorded or live streamed. Without hiring a full crew!

So, how does it work?

That's easy: with joysticks! Yes, one of our operaring devices indeed is a humble game controller. Depending on the type of event, we control up to four cameras with that device. We can move the cameras, zoom in and out, start/stop recording and streaming, and switch angles - all with a single game controller!

The tiny one on the left is a custom-built controller that enables one-handed operation. We use this one for events where no remote controlled cameras are needed. This way we can control one camera manually, while switching angles with the other hand.

The bigger controllers on the right are more advanced. They enable more fine-tuned control of remote cameras, as well as many other functions.

The nerve center of all operations is a piece of software we developed ourselves. The software records up to four sources simultaneously, ensuring everything is always in sync.

Besides recording, the software also logs every switch we make between angles. Basically we're editing the video while we're shooting it. When the recording ends, we import the log file and footage into our editing software.

Within seconds all edits we made during recording show up in the timeline. Whenever something needs attention (yes, we make mistakes too sometimes) the log shows a marker. We can quickly make corrections, check the sound and color and add titels and graphics if needed.

Minutes after recording, the video is rendering. After that it's just a matter of publishing it anywhere you like!

And the real kicker?

All of this can be done by just one operator!

Interested? Get in touch to find out what we have to offer for your event!