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About Bart

Who's that guy?

Hi, I’m Bart Buerman.

In 2003 I, graduated as director/producer at the Utrecht School of Arts. I have been working as editor and director with different companies ever since. Mid 2013, I took the plunge and started my own business: Bart at work was born.

I love making films. The first ones I made in high school. From a paper for sociology (who said a paper needs to be written..?) to tongue-in-cheek parodies of The X-files, I knew how to handle my video-8 camcorder and VCR with flying erase head.

Today, I work a little more professional, but I still love the work! To handle a camera myself and edit a film from a to z, or direct a whole team of professionals, it’s all an equal amount of fun!

Besides that, I have an innate curiosity for new technologies. When I graduated art school for example, I was the first ever student to hand in a final (interactive!) work on DVD. That was far from common back then.

Now, I tame that curiosity by researching and developing accessible interactive and ‘smart’ videos, at a reasonable price. I am convinced that in the next years, there will be a massive shift in this area. We are so used to be able to click on everything on the web, why are we limited to just a play/pause button when it comes to video?

When I’m not making films, I love to go for hike. Just releasing some tension for a few hours. Or pack a bag and go for a hiking vacation with my girl. Always inspiring!

If you want to swing by for a chat or serious business: great, just get in touch! I hope to meet you soon :)