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Standard Video

(or maybe not...)

Pretty much all there is to say.

That’s the last line of the first ever video uploaded to YouTube, back in April 2005.

Fast forward to today. Online video has matured, and it’s here to stay.

And that’s pretty much all there is to say, right?

It’s responsible for the largest part of all internet traffic. It’s the most engaging type of online content. Cliche, but true. But you probably knew that already.

So where does Bart at work come in, in this vast ocean of online video? Well, here you are, reading. By doing things just a little different, we know how to grab attention.

Do you need video with impact? Look no further, just click play.

The same video, different. Let’s go!

Watch this

Just a few examples. Browse #bartatwork for more!


blinq: Onetakers
“What you hear is what you get. This is blinq’s piece de resistance. A declaration of our love for music. We took 7 musicians, locked them up in a studio that breathes rock & roll for two days, and did the unthinkable. We recorded & mixed 16 tracks in three days. One Band, One Take.”
And Bart at work was there, making the video!


Hostel ROOM
Europe’s Famous Hostels is a network of the best, most exciting, fun and safe hostels in Europe (and beyond). Every year, there is a ‘Staff Meeting’, for their members to be informed an inspired. This is the aftermovie of the Rotterdam edition, organized by Famous Hostel member Hostel ROOM Rotterdam.


When two firms join forces, what is the best way to announce that? Indeed: video. After a quick brainstorm, Bart at work created this text-animation. Even though there was a tight deadline, the people at Atlas were very happy with the result.

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