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Smart Video

data made personal

That’s not my name!

Hi {Name}!

Such a greeting in an email newsletter looks pretty stupid, doesn’t it? So why do we accept virtually every video to start with “Hey there” or “Hey what’s up everyone“..?

Sending a generic video to your audience will probably work well, as long as your message is strong. But you can make it so much more personal, if you know the viewers name! And if you know a name, you probably know a whole lot more too. So why not use that data to enhance the viewers experience?

Imagine you can explain complex data that is different for every viewer, while using that exact data instead of generic data! Or being able to display current pricing info of your product! Or an itinerary!

Until recently, it was very difficult to include variable data in a video. But not anymore.

Introducing Smart Video! The data you want, displayed in any video, on any device! There are tons of possibilities, from fast marketing campaigns, to complex interactive explainer videos.

Bart at work offers relatively cheap solutions for small to medium batches of videos. For large audiences or interactive projects, we have collaborations with several suppliers of video- and data technology.



blinq: intro
The first video Bart at work created for blinq, the new ass kickin’ sound of production music. The label was to be introduced as if every track you hear was composed for every viewer personally. During the actual campaign, the name, email and address in this example was personalized to every single viewer.


A first-person video, as if the viewer was visiting the headquarters of Alphabet. Personalized to every individual viewer of course, to enhance the experience, and to highlight the personal service the company delivers to their clients.

Dialog Groep
In this case, the data displayed in the video are dynamic overlays. A generic video plays, while a layer in the foreground diaplays relevant (personalized) data. Advantage: a video like this can be adapted on the fly, without editing or uploading new content. Ideal for large audiences or fast delivery. This video contains interactivity as wel as personalization. (Dutch language, opens in new window.)

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