Play, pause, mute, scrub

Those functions have been around since the 20th century. Full screen if you’re lucky. But that’s about it… Can we please put in a little 21st century technology? Of course we can: bart at work makes your videos interactive. Viewers passively staring at a player like zombies? No more!

Thou Shalt Click!

How cool would it be if you can decide how the story develops? Try this video. Will the end be happy or sad? It’s up to you. Want to see what would have happened if you clicked another option? Just watch again. But beware: there are over 400 (!) possible stories to develop…

Facts & figures

While a video with a interactive story line is fun, it’s not necessarily useful. We can jam pack a video with al kinds of information to make a simple video interactive and very informative. In the example below, you can click to other scenes, display information and navigate to other websites. Live data is being pulled from the Marinetraffic website.

Little side note: due to the technology used in this example, this one probably won’t work on tablets.

Just say hi!

Interactive video is a great way to say hi to your clients / friends / business relations / etc. Check this personalized interactive video I sent out to wish everyone a happy new year…

It’s a point-and-click video, with a personalized touch at the end: where it reads ‘friends’ here, all recipients had their own name written.

We’re just getting started!

It’s impossible to name all the benefits of interactive video. Possibilities are endless! Make engaging how-to videos. Keep your viewers up to date by adding live (news)feeds to videos. Sync multiple videos. Regular video is limited by the player. Interactive video only by your imagination.

Stay tuned for more interesting examples! Do you have some great ideas yourself? Any questions? Or can you just not wait to get started?

Let’s talk interactive video. Get in touch!