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Can I click it..?

Yes you can!

The player options play, pause, mute and scrub have been around since the 20th century. Full screen if you’re lucky. But that’s about it… Viewers passively staring at a player like zombies? Can we please put in a little 21st century technology?

Let Bart at work make your videos interactive!

How cool would it be if you can decide how the story develops? Choose your own adventure videos with interactive storylines let the viewer influence a story or the behavior of a character.

While a video with a interactive story line is fun, it’s not necessarily useful. We can jam pack a video with al kinds of information to make a simple video interactive and very informative. Dividing long videos into chapters is an easy way to get viewers quickly to the content they are looking for. Add dynamic overlays, annotations, link-outs, etc. to make video even more relevant.

It’s impossible to name all the benefits of interactive video. Possibilities are endless! Make engaging how-to videos. Keep your viewers up to date by adding live (news)feeds to videos. Sync multiple videos.

Regular video is limited by the player. Interactive video only by your imagination.


Avans: Step Forward
Deciding which course you’ll choose is one thing. But what else can you expect when you become a student? Avans Hogeschool explains the whole process from choosing to applying and beyond.
Made in collaboration with Onlinevideo.nl. (Dutch language)

How do you prepare professionals for changes in a sector that is already very dynamic? And how do you get professionals to listen to and learn from each other? This interactive video contains opinions and examples from a number of professionals in several disciplines of (health)care. Utrechtzorg uses this video to spark discussions and to provide in-depth background. (Dutch language)

Dialog Groep
A different form of interactivity: getting feedback from users. This video contains interactivity as wel as personalization. (Dutch language, opens in new window.)

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